Friends of Shirley and the Mastics

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Friends of Shirley and the Mastics began as the MSCOAD in Mastic Beach and has been on the ground helping our community since the day of Hurricane Sandy.


Board Members: Donato Sangemino, Cheryl Sangemino, Jon Siebert

Address:             218 Neighborhood Road Mastic Beach, NY 11951
Phone:               (646) 494-6549


We were out helping our community with delivering hot meals, gathering important information as to who was still home,who left and where they went so that we could help them. Additionally, we started a food pantry inside The Mastic Beach Hebrew Center to help our residents. We also facilitated bringing in much needed supplies, resources and manpower to our neighbors in our community that was desperately needed to help get thru this tough time. We have helped many families get back into their homes and we have many more programs we are bringing into this community to help us grow as we continue to recover.

Many additional programs and services to the community to come.

Communities Helping Communities post-Sandy