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Please consider supporting us to help continue assisting residents trying to recover from Hurricane Sandy.  Although many have put together the pieces, thousands of residents are still displaced, living in subpar conditions, or trying to recover from financial difficulties stemming from this event.

Friends of Long Island began shortly after Sandy with “6 people and a shovel” assisting grassroots organizations who were, and still are, embedded in their communities to help out however they can. This “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” approach has resulted in over 500 homes being either “mucked out” or gutted, partially rebuilt, or fully rebuilt… all with volunteer labor, in-kind materials and goods, and financial support in a collaborative manner. Hundreds more have received resource linkage and assistance with navigating the bureaucratic recovery process to get the resources available. As the processes continue to evolve daily, we ensure that residents have real-time, accurate information so that they can move ahead in the best direction for their situation. It is all about making sure residents receive what they need faster without duplicating efforts or benefits.

To date, we have received over $230,000 in financial contributions, which go directly to homeowners in need with material cost to make their situation stable. Additionally, we have received about the same amount, if not more in in-kind donations of materials, supplies, appliances, gift cards and food for residents and volunteers. (This is in addition to the amounts that the community groups have raised individually). We are well on our way to our preliminary target of $500,000 raised.

As the area continues to recover, many will be assisted by the NY Rising program, SBA, and insurance payouts due being held by their banks and dispersed slowly. Many will not be able to be made whole, including those in the vulnerable population. Friends of Long Island takes pride in making sure that all available outside programs are leveraged first, utilizing volunteer labor, and “filling in the gaps”, all while maintaining responsibility to the donor. By following this process, families at times can be returned to their homes for under $5,000 in donations per home!

Please feel free to contact us and let us know how you can help us help Long Island, and to learn more about our program.  To donate, please fell free to use the Friends of Long Island Donation Letter, or the Donate button above and below. Friends of Long Island is a program of Vision Long Island, a certified 501(c)(3), so your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. If your contribution is to be designated to a specific group, please forward your receipt to with the organization that you would like to donate to in the subject line.

Friends of Long Island can continue rebuilding lives and communities one block at a time, with your help. We are looking forward to having you as a new sponsor!


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