Projects and Awards

We are proud to help our communities, and our projects and impacts can be seen below. (More past projects to be updated soon.)

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  1. Saturday 3/15/14-
    Friends of Long Island groups assisted a homeowner in West Sayville ripping out their newly elevated home. Unfortunately, insurance premiums would not cover the entire cost of the repair and elevation to the home. This act of kindness by volunteers 17 months post-Sandy will allow the homeowner to return home faster. Special thanks to Friends of Freeport for spearheading this task.

  2. Saturday 3/15/14-
    Lindy Manpower and Neighbors Supporting Neighbors, Babylon assisted a Babylon resident with a team of skilled labor volunteers finish up their subfloor installation. Existing flooring had to be taken off, joists inspected for mold and shored up, and new sub floor installed. This resident had previously fallen through the existing flooring from Sandy damage. The residents can now walk freely and safely in their repaired home. Before the help of FoLI groups, the residents were living mainly out the top story of the house.

  3. FoSM 03.17.14Saturday 3/15/14-
    Friends of Shirley and the Mastics collaborated with Boots on the Ground NY to assist a Veteran moving. This wounded Veteran and his family were shocked and beyond appreciative of the “human chain of assistance”.

  4. Saturday 3/15/14-
    Friends of Shirley and the Mastics have been storing their items in a rented conex at @St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Mastic Beach with no other storage options in Mastic Beach (plus or minus a year now). That funding will now be placed towards other things to help the community. Shirley Sleep Shoppe generously donated one of their 40′ semi-trailers to us for long-term, no cost storage. Through a request to Soot Boyz sent from Rich from Metro agency of Rock Point, Joseph Castiglione and Chris Borriello arrive in an amazing 1984 Peterbilt tractor came to haul it from Shirley to its new home in Mastic Beach. Of course, “setbacks” in life happen, so in comes John from Shirley Feed with a Bobcat to assist when they realized that the breaks were rusted up on the semi-trailer (life happens). The trailer is now home, and will allow FoSM to continue to help residents out of Mastic Beach Hebrew Center. Thanks also to Calvin Starke, Taha Falah, Jon and Anthony for their assistance. Huge thanks of course goes to Donato Sangemino for making necessary arrangements to glue this all together. Siebert Contracting, who has helped FoSM in the past, will be assisting with stairway to the trailer in the near future.

  5. PBBW 03.17.14- FoSMSunday 3/16/14-

    Friends of Shirley and the Mastics helped residents recovering from Sandy, and the community in general at their food pantry. Residents also have the opportunity on Sunday to speak to volunteer crisis counselors and receive resource linkage to help their individual situations.

  6. Monday 3/17/14-
    Friends of Shirley and the Mastics in collaboration with Mercy Haven and Chase Bank held the second Piggy Bank Basics Workshop to teach basic financial literacy to children ages 3-12. Studies have shown that early financial education teaches children about the concepts of money, and assists in breaking the cycle of poverty. This is imperative for our Sandy affected areas.

  7. Wednesday 3/19/14-

    Friends of Long Island attended LI Building Back Better Fund meeting with grantees that assist in Sandy recovery. Great collaboration of grassroots efforts as well as organizations that are committed to helping those in need. Collaboration is a key element in recovery and resilience.

  8. Sunday 3/16/14-
    Babylon Township Red Cross is now moving ahead. Approximately 50 residents from Babylon received training in Sheltering and 1st aid to help in the instance of another disaster. Board and members of Neighbors Supporting Neighbors, Babylon were in attendance and are very involved in the promotion and implementation of this effort.

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