the 11518, Inc.

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the11518 was incorporated in April 2013 by the Facebook Administrators of East Rockaway and Bay Park Sandy relief pages and groups. 
President: Daniel Caracciolo
VP: Rachel Sumerson
Sect:  MaryKate Lynch
Treasurer:  Kendal Frulio
Sargent at Arms (also known as Sarge) Diana Harrison

Address :  PO Box 235 East Rockaway, NY 11518
Phone/fax:  None
The following is the original agenda of our first meeting.
FEMA/SBA concerns
Raising homes: Hazard Mitigation
The East Rockaway School District: How much money is the local share going to be?
The Bay Park Sewage Plant: Ongoing and long term environmental concerns.
East Rockaway business and local economy recovery.
Local residents still in need of help: Heat, clothing, furniture, food, etc.
Media follow ups
Building Permits: East Rockaway, Town of Hempstead
Local representative contacts
Recent crime in the neighborhood: Possible neighborhood watch?
501c3 Status for organization: Possible ongoing community support of East Rockaway.
Insurance/Insurance check bank endorsement expedition
We launched a door to door survey shortly after that first meeting.  Printed over 1500 copies and hand delivered them to residents of affected areas in town.  We knocked on doors and spoke with homeowners living on second floors, or working on their homes.  Our volunteers came back with stories you don’t want to ever tell your grandchildren.  It became clear that a lot of people needed help and all kinds of it.  But we were ill-equipped to provide it as a fledgling non profit.   Through our initial Facebook pages, we were able to connect with Friends of Long Island.  Here we were able to know hopefully provided some real solutions to our residents.   We started to table at local East Rockaway annual community events, like the Huckleberry Frolic, Stars and Stripes and our Chamber of Commerce’s’ Street Fairs.  We printed hand outs and gave them out to residents that would talk and tried to raise some money to help our residents out.  
During the summer we partnered with the Bay Park Civic Association and helped clean out their Beach House.  We assisted in the cleanup of and demolish of deck so a 90 year resident can return to East Rockaway, a town she has called home for 88 years of her life.  In August we decided to host the #StillWaiting Rally honoring the 10 month anniversary of the storm. This public engagement rally in the streets of East Rockaway was something the town hasn’t seen in a long time, and out history dates back to the 17th century.  All the time we held monthly meetings offering support group conversation,  aside from an organization’s nitty gritty.  One year later soon crept along, and we hosted a One Year Anniversary event in the streets of ER, at the 8pm Anniversary tide.  Many of these residents hadn’t seen each other this way since the storm.  
We helped our disaster recovery counterparts across Long Island, and we will continue to do all the things we do, until EVERYONE is home. 

Communities Helping Communities post-Sandy