Past and Present Resources

Past and Present Resources for Disaster Recovery

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Winter Emergency Resources

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Sandy Relief and Recovery Long Island Spring Survey 2014

NY Rising CRP Final Plans

Disaster Distress Helpline (English) (Spanish)

Habitat Rebuilds Suffolk

CDCLI Programs (Mold, DCM, Weatherization, Mortgage Issues, etc.)

Resilience Programs/Vulnerable Populations- (Suffolk) (Nassau)

NYSERDA Energy Programs

LIHP Appliance Grant

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  1. Questions for NYR 03.28.14…

    Babylon- If a home that is slated for demo and rebuild failed its lead inspection, what is proper protocol for removing the lead if the house is being demolished? And what about asbestos if your house is being demolished?

    NY Rising will fund appropriately. Lead and asbestos remediation issues certainly cost more, and will be addressed and funded.

    Babylon- There have been hundreds of people who cannot demo their homes for 5k…. It actually costs that much in debris removal for a 2 story home. Will that number ever be raised?

    The $5k amount at this time will not be raised, as NY Rising deems this an appropriate amount. However if it does cost more due to extraordinary site conditions, that will be adjusted. There is $25k allowable for extraordinary site conditions. The resident’s design professional should articulate why conditions would cost above that amount. It would go to the case manager and be reviewed. If it is above extraordinary site conditions due to environmental issues, it will be considered.

    Freeport- On Lobby day, we had suggested that Insurance companies offering flood insurance be required to state in plain language 30 days prior to renewal what is covered and not, and what supplemental policies could be purchased upon renewal. Would the governor’s office be supportive of this measure? – policy to review in Albany.
    Representative from the Governor’s Office will be bringing this issue back to Albany for review. With NFIP insurance, it is difficult to regulate a Federal program.

    Mastic- There is a rumor circulating around. Prosource will no longer be around, and LIRO is phasing out in May. Is this something that can be confirmed or denied? IF there is any truth to this, what will next steps be-

    Prosource was contracted on an emergency contract. As that period has ended, there may be a new company coming in, as the program migrates from an emergency situation to a competitive bidding process. This would not have an effect on how cases that have applied will be managed and handled (a seamless process for the resident). There was no information on any changes with LIRO, and was the first time Mr. Diamond had heard of this rumor.

    For the past few weeks, volunteer groups have been canvassing throughout Long Island to reach those in the vulnerable population and who are considered Low and Moderate income to ensure that they are aware of the April 11th deadline. Newspaper ads have been taken out, radio announcements made, social media and email blasts via largely distributed newsletters, and 500 lawn signs printed to get the word out. There are several sessions set up over LI to assist residents with the process of registering. Many of the volunteer leaders are on this call. At this point, will the ny rising deadlines be extended? Is there an opportunity to have marketing materials printed to consider this effort, as all available funding for this has been exhausted?

    No. Not looking to extend it. It was explained that it has been one year since program launch, and that far surpasses longevity for applications for the programs that NYC and NJ have. HWCLI has received funding for outreach. The State members on the call are seeing if additional outreach funding can be obtained by the deadline for flyers to schools.

    Lindy- Is it true that if the LMI population is not raised to 51% that everyone above the LMI line will not get a grant from NYR? What are the HUD guidelines being used for this? If not where does this funding pool go?

    It does not work that way. NY Rising is serving everyone without regard to income. Resident needs to be a legal citizen, own the home and have it be damaged (*note they are taking applications for those in 100 year flood area without 51% damage). Although there is no concrete data on the percentage of those applying are in LMI population, the program is confident that the proper allocations through the entire CRP process will serve the amount needed to fulfill HUD specifications.

    Oceanside- what is being done to stop insurance companies from pulling out of LI I am assuming this refers to corporations that provide sales of NFIP? What, if anything, does the state have to do with that decision?

    Difficult issue to handle solely on the State level. State’s ability is incredibly limited. NYS Dep’t of Financial Services is continuing to engage Federal partners.

    Freeport- What is the status on co-ops being funded from NY Rising?

    The co-op condo program is to be launched in April they will be accepting applications. The new Director of the program is currently working on that issue. Those who reached out are put in process already. This could help pay for common area losses, but people need to apply.
    Freeport- will the state look at sponsoring community groups with CDBG-DR funding for preparedness and recovery,
    This was available through the CRP process in order to build local capacity. The State will like to look into this further.

    Yesterday the Governor announced a $4.9 Billion Coordinated Transportation Resiliency program to assist the State’s needs stemming from Sandy and to help with resiliency. Having looked at the details, there is not any mention that I can see of LIRR crossing upgrades in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. If we do have another event, the current state of crossings in Suffolk and Nassau would impede evacuation in several areas that have heavy congestion during normal conditions. Could consideration be given to revisiting this issue seeing as NY Rising CRP communities as far as we know did not submit plans for elevating of railway crossings or additional crossings due to the high cost of these projects?

    This was to be part of CRP. The group explained that the CRP regions did not want to address these issues based on funding potentials only, as it would eliminate the entire budget for the area without addressing other issues. It is part of the discussion with MTA, and storm dollars cannot be intermingled with funding for other projects.

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