Day 12-

Day 12- National Preparedness Month- We take access to clean water for granted everyday- just open the tap and it comes out. Disruptions to municipal water supply operations or contaminated water sources can cause severe problems in times of disaster.

In early August of this year the water supply for 400,000 people in the Toledo, Ohio area was contaminated by toxic algae blooms. Although this has happened in the past, tens of thousands of residents did not prepare and have an adequate supply of drinkable water available. This lasted several days. In January of this year, 300,000 residents were told not to use their water for ten days following a massive chemical spill.

Although FEMA formally suggests having a 3 day supply of 1 gallon per person or pet on hand, this is a bare minimum, and they have looked at increasing the amount on hand to 5-7 days.

Here is a link from the CDC on water storage and preparation tips- another good page to print out and have in your emergency kit: