Day 11-

Day 11- National Preparedness Month:

September 11th is a difficult day for everyone on Long Island. In an attempt to make lemonade out of lemons, it can serve as a reminder that any sort of disaster can strike with or without notice.

One of the issues on 9/11, as well as other disasters, was disruption of cell communications. During a time of crisis, a large volume of calls to cell phones will tie up systems (think about New Year’s Eve when the ball drops). Of course cell towers being inoperable due to damage or power outage does not help. This is true to 911 as well- listing your municipality’s Office of Emergency Management number as well as community resources in your disaster plan is important. .

It is important to try to incorporate out of state emergency contacts into your disaster plan- write it down and store it in a secure location in a zip lock bag (wet paper can’t be read too easily). At times, people in a disaster zone can call out of state but not in their area (do not remember why exactly, but it sure was interesting). SMS (texting) can also be functional.