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NY Rising Buyout/Acquisitions Program Questions

A few questions have come up regarding the NY Rising Buyout/Acquisition program, so here are some answers:

Q) If a house is pending the buyout/acquisition and is deemed unsafe by a municipality, what should they do? There may be situations where a municipality may look to tear down the home due to public safety concerns (safety hazard, infestation, mold, etc.)… would this jeopardize their buyout or acquisition?

A) NO this would not impact the homeowners position in the program. I would advise that for acquisition they make sure they have their substantial damage letter- it’s part of eligibility. But I assume if it’s a tear down the municipality would already have that confirmed.

Q)  For lawn care, securing, demolition, mold remediation, etc. can people bid on this? If so, how?

A) When we are procuring you will find the announcements on our website. You can check it regularly- we just did a procurement for these items so there may be no active items.

Q) To clarify (because once again there is conflicting info on social media) buyouts are to be restored to wetlands or natural state with no structures to be built on them or development?

A) It will be restored to nature.  The parcel can be transferred to an entity that would keep it as open space and a park would be allowable.

Q) Questions have come up as to whether the State is responsible for the maintenance of the properties once they go into buyout or acquisitions. (Lawn care, securing the premises, mold removal etc). Could you provide details?

A) The State is are responsible for maintenance and security- all abatements will be part of demo once the buyout/acquisition has closed. This is when the orange fence goes up. The State  just got contractors bids for all of this work- and have assessed every property- it’s underway.

Q) Regarding tear downs of these properties, is there an estimated turn around time?

A) The State has bids out now- and starting next week there will be active demo.


If there are additional questions, please feel free to let us know here


Day 12-

Day 12- National Preparedness Month- We take access to clean water for granted everyday- just open the tap and it comes out. Disruptions to municipal water supply operations or contaminated water sources can cause severe problems in times of disaster.

In early August of this year the water supply for 400,000 people in the Toledo, Ohio area was contaminated by toxic algae blooms. Although this has happened in the past, tens of thousands of residents did not prepare and have an adequate supply of drinkable water available. This lasted several days. In January of this year, 300,000 residents were told not to use their water for ten days following a massive chemical spill.

Although FEMA formally suggests having a 3 day supply of 1 gallon per person or pet on hand, this is a bare minimum, and they have looked at increasing the amount on hand to 5-7 days.

Here is a link from the CDC on water storage and preparation tips- another good page to print out and have in your emergency kit: